Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 3)

Signing off from Abisko

The day when we had to leave Abisko came sooner than we wanted. We woke up with a heavy feeling, trying to enjoy every single moment that left. The night before we had decided that we’d go separately that day. Zaki would go back to the canyon to take some more pictures while me and the kids would visit Naturum again since the youngest traveler was sleeping when we first went there 😀

So after checking out, we stored our bags in the luggage room then Klas gave us a key to the communal room. That’s another good thing about Abisko Guesthouse. Even after checking out at 11am, if your train or chartered bus are late in the afternoon, you can still get access to the communal room where you can wait, use the toilet, take a shower or cook. And for the second time, Klas drove us to STF Abisko Turistsstation. He’s so helpful indeed. I read many exceptional reviews about him before and I had proved them to be true. Would definitely stay there again next time we’re in Abisko.

After Klas dropped us off, Zaki explored the canyon again while me and the kids went back to Naturum. Naturum Abisko is like a gallery where you can find nature guides, exhibitions, film and lecture hall, library and souvenir shop. It is located right next to STF Abisko Turistsstation and is quite nice for kids despite its small size.

We were actually thinking to try the chairlift and visit the Sami Museum that day, but dropped the ideas for some reasons. So at around 1 pm, we just met in STF Abisko Turistsstation restaurant and decided to have lunch there. The restaurant serves classic Swedish home cooking lunch buffet everyday that includes salad buffet, meal, drinks, bread and coffee and tea. The lunch menu for that day was Kålpudding and it was soooooo tasty. Kålpudding is basically a mix of cabbage and minced meat, served with boiled potatoes and brown sauce or sliced ​​butter, and lingonberries sauce. Zaki was surprised to know it as it was his first (and because the look of the food is not so tempting to be honest). I had it once before in the hospital after giving birth to baby K but of course comparing hospital food and restaurant food is not apple to apple 🙂 .

After lunch, we had a quick fika then went back to Abisko Guesthouse. We enjoyed our last stroll from STF Abisko Turistsstation by stopping as often as we could to enjoy the view along the way. The day was so good we didn’t want to leave. But it was what it was. And soon we had arrived at the guesthouse again. As our train was running late, we didn’t rush to take our bags. We went to the communal room first, rested for a while then just before sunset, we waved goodbye to Klas and his crews and walked to the train station, where our night train to Stockholm would be departed from.

When the train had arrived, and every member of the family had been inside our compartment, I looked out the window to see the sky above Abisko hills. It was clear. And so was my mind. Our 4 days and 3 nights in Abisko were not without drama. But I must admit they were one of the best experiences I ever had.

I, and we actually, left Abisko with a heavy heart, because the place is just so beautiful, peaceful and fulfilling at the same time. But, we’ve made a promise to be back. Now we can only hope that the universe will say “amen” to that 🙂. Hej så länge, Abisko!

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7 thoughts on “Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 3)

  1. Dirimu pake jasa tour guide, mbak? Or group tour? *Sorry, I didn’t really get who Klas is…. haha

    1. Klas itu owner penginapan yg kutinggali, hehe. Jadi di Abisko itu ada paket2 tour gt, klo ikut tour ya otomatis dpt tour guide. Kami ikut salah satu tour yg ditawarkan oleh tempatku nginep, group tour ber13 orang. Tournya macem2 sih, bisa dilihat di web Abisko Guesthouse. Ada link-nya di part 1 dan 2 😊

      1. Hehe..aku penasaran aja krn guide-ku dr group tour (termasuk agen perjalanan). Bukan dr penginapan. Kalo pesen dr Abisko Guesthouse-nya langsung sungguh mahal tak terkira 😭

      2. Ohhhh, kami jg cm ikut satu tour yg paling murah kok, hahahaha, cuma pas beruntung bgt dpt sledge ketutup, dpt aurora, dpt moose spotting, all in one. Sama agen perjalanan itu berarti termasuk transport gt?

      3. Iya..naik bus dari Stockholm kurleb 20 jam. Programnya Kiruna city tour, ke Ice Hotel, reindeer farm punya orang Sami. Utk extra activities aku gak ikut krn 1) bayar lagi, 2) emg ke situ niatnya liat aurora doang 🤣

      4. Tentu krn paket rombongan, buat kita sih murah. Kompensasinya ya itu…pantat kotak-kotak krn naik bus 20 jam. haha

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