Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 3)

Abisko Short Walks

STF Abisko Turiststation is located near the start of Kungsleden, the longest and most famous hiking trail in Sweden that runs for about 440 kilometres (270 mi) between Abisko in the north and Hemavan in the south. This trail has many sections and they are all well marked. We didn’t do the long hike of course but we managed to have a short walk to the canyon and the view was already breathtaking.

To do this short walk, you need to follow the yellow marked trail. Start from the “entrance” with a sign of Abisko Kunglesden, and in a few minutes you will pass by a small cottage and a museum, continue to the west, pass by a tunnel then you will reach Abiskojåkka and the canyon which are indeed beautiful. During winter, the canyon is covered by snow and the river is half frozen so it’s quite a view.

Then, follow the canyon along a wooden pathway for about 300 metres where you will find a lookout. When the wooden pathway stops, you can continue on a small and rocky path. Not far from there, there is a bridge over the canyon which is a good spot for photo. You can either go back to the path where you came or continue on a gravel road leading to STF Abisko Turiststation and Torneträsk lake. Some pathways are bit slippery on winter so make sure to be extra careful especially when you’re carrying a baby like me 😀 . I slipped over on icy surface twice but luckily both me and my baby were fine.

Bofere we left the guesthouse, Klas offered us to use a sledge for our baby. This turned out to be a good idea to enjoy short walks with young kids. That way they will have more fun than just being carried along. However, you need relatively flat and not too rocky surface to do that. In our case, because my second daughter was sleeping half of the walk, I carried her all way long. She woke up right after we crossed the bridge over the canyon so we decided to put her in the sledge. She was reluctant at first but then seemed to enjoy the ride.

Unfortunately, as the day was getting darker, and we had been outside for hours, my baby started to feel cold and cried, so I got to carry her again on half of our way back to the guesthouse 😀 . So, if you’re thinking of taking your young ones into a winter adventure in Abisko, I would recommend these things:

  1. Prepare proper winter gear for your kids, including gloves and shoes, and remember the 3 layers clothing recommendation. In our experience, it is the cold from the feet and the hands that bother her the most. I thought her shoes was warm enough but apparently they were not so my baby was still feeling cold especially after more than an hour outside.
  2. The kids need to move around to keep their body warm. Being carried means they’re passive so it’s quicker for them to feel cold.
  3. Don’t spend too much time outside if the temperature is colder than -10. I think one hour is the maximum time for kid under 2 years old.
  4. Prepare many distractions: toys, foods, songs, and anything that your kids usually love 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 3)

  1. Dirimu pake jasa tour guide, mbak? Or group tour? *Sorry, I didn’t really get who Klas is…. haha

    1. Klas itu owner penginapan yg kutinggali, hehe. Jadi di Abisko itu ada paket2 tour gt, klo ikut tour ya otomatis dpt tour guide. Kami ikut salah satu tour yg ditawarkan oleh tempatku nginep, group tour ber13 orang. Tournya macem2 sih, bisa dilihat di web Abisko Guesthouse. Ada link-nya di part 1 dan 2 😊

      1. Hehe..aku penasaran aja krn guide-ku dr group tour (termasuk agen perjalanan). Bukan dr penginapan. Kalo pesen dr Abisko Guesthouse-nya langsung sungguh mahal tak terkira 😭

      2. Ohhhh, kami jg cm ikut satu tour yg paling murah kok, hahahaha, cuma pas beruntung bgt dpt sledge ketutup, dpt aurora, dpt moose spotting, all in one. Sama agen perjalanan itu berarti termasuk transport gt?

      3. Iya..naik bus dari Stockholm kurleb 20 jam. Programnya Kiruna city tour, ke Ice Hotel, reindeer farm punya orang Sami. Utk extra activities aku gak ikut krn 1) bayar lagi, 2) emg ke situ niatnya liat aurora doang 🤣

      4. Tentu krn paket rombongan, buat kita sih murah. Kompensasinya ya itu…pantat kotak-kotak krn naik bus 20 jam. haha

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