Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 2)

Second Day in Abisko

We woke up in a good mood the next day after seeing aurora. Right after breakfast, we went to Torneträsk Lake which is completely frozen on winter. It was really chill that day with temperature hit -20 but it didn’t stop us to enjoy the view of the second deepest lake in Sweden. We met some locals on their snowmobiles and even spot reindeer tracks on the snow. Then it’s getting colder so we decided to go back and explore again later.

But we didn’t explore much in the afternoon because that day we had booked the activity in the guesthouse: the Aurora BBQ. This is one of the activities that was recommended by Rasa for a family with young kids. It’s basically a Sami inspired dinner in a hut followed by aurora chasing on a snowmobile sledge. We started at around 7 pm in the BBQ hut alongside the guesthouse. There, the guide cooked us a local Sami dish called ‘souvas’ (lightly smoked reindeer meat) with local vegetables.

As she cooked in a very large dish in the centre of the room over an open fire, she was explaining the Sami cultures to the guests. There were 13 of us that night. Too bad, my youngest was bit cranky so I ended up missing most of the BBQ and waited outside. On the silver lining, I was able to see aurora again, stretched over the Torneträsk Lake which is indeed located just “behind” the guesthouse. Even my baby pointed out the northern light and said “da da da” which possibly meant “wow” 😀

Then I went back inside the hut to enjoy the dinner. It was yum. I was hoping to eat some more but my baby didn’t want to be inside the hut for too long 😀 . Maybe because she was already fully dressed in overall while the hut was very warm.

After everyone finished the dinner, we then hopped to the snowmobile sledges to find a great spot for seeing and photographing the aurora. Klas had arranged a fully cover sledge for me and my baby so we didn’t feel too cold even though the temperature that night was -26. Riding a sledge pulled by a snowmobile is quite an experience. We even spotted a female elk on our way and stopped for a while to let her passed. We’ve seen elk before, but seeing it in its natural habitant is really something. It was almost perfect activity. But taking a 14 months baby for aurora chasing is not an easy job. So I was torn between trying to enjoy the trip and calming my baby :D.

Luckily, the trip didn’t take that long. We soon arrived in a hilly area, with a clear view to the lake and starry sky above us. It’s just fantastic. Then we waited for the aurora to appear. While waiting, two dog sledding groups passed us by and it was quite a sight. We actually wanted to do this activity as well but we dropped the idea because we don’t think it’s a good choice for our youngest member 😀

We kept waiting and waiting and finally there was a glimpse of green light above the lake. It wasn’t as strong as the night before but it’s still quite obvious. That night, on a hill in Abisko which I couldn’t locate precisely, another aurora had been spotted.

Well, I think I’ve written long enough for now. Will be back with the follow up story of our journey in Abisko soon. Vi ses!

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