On BTS: Catching up with the rest of the world

This might sound ridiculous amid the waves of KPop, but to be honest, I’m zero about Korean pop culture.

I learnt about it during my master program when I took the Media in Asia course. But apart from its historical context, its massive and rapid development, I know nothing. And  I’m not a huge fan of it either. In my defence, I have watched some Korean movies and series, such as My Sassy Girl, Miracle in Cell No 7, Train to Busan, and Coffee Prince. And I agree they’re quite good. But those are all I know and those only 😀 .

In terms of music, the only icon I knew was Rain because he was the brand ambassador for a shampoo brand back then so I saw him quite often on TV ads. I know, I know, it’s so last year, don’t judge me 😄 Oh and Psy with his Oppa Gangnam Style, because he’s such a global phenomenon, and who doesn’t know him anyway 😀

Then few months ago I heard about BTS, probably the most popular Korean boyband on earth right now. I had no idea who they were. Never listened to their songs either. I thought they were just like any other KPop groups, but then I heard that they were on the cover of TIME Magazine.

Picture is retrieved from Billboard

Okay. That was something.

Then I heard that they delivered a speech in the UN.

Pictured is retrieved from CLEO


Wow. Now we’re talking.

That time I said to myself: I have to know this boyband. I don’t want to live in a cave anymore 😄

So I began my “research” last week.

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