Milla and Mayana Series: Spanish or English?

Author: Hayya Habibi


Once upon a day, Milla and Mayana were playing outside their house. Suddenly their Dad ran right out the door with a paper in his hand. He shouted: “Girls, there’s a new exhibition in Central Museum!”

“What’s so special about that?” asked Milla skeptically.

“It’s the story that’s special,” explained Mom.

“But why?” Mayana wondered.

“Well, if you want to know why it’s so special, you have to go to the exhibition,” said Mom and Dad both at the same time.

Soon they all hopped in the car and drove to Central Museum. Once they’ve arrived at the museum, they rushed to the ticket counter to buy some tickets.

“Four tickets please,” said Dad to the ticket officer.

“How many adults and how many children?” asked the ticket officer.

“Two children and two adults,” answered Milla.

“Alright then, you can come in. This woman will guide you to the exhibitions,” said the ticket officer.

So they went it.

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Segera Terbit: novel Circle Route!



Akhirnya terbit juga. Novel perdana saya yang berjudul Circle Route. Rasanya seperti melahirkan anak ketiga. Haha. Tersedia di toko buku di Indonesia pada April 2019. Tapi bisa pre order mulai dari sekarang melalui Genius Publisher dengan alamat berikut:

IG: GeniusReads
WA: +62819889789
📬: Jl Cempaka Putih Barat 26 No 40A, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

Dapatkan potongan harga Rp. 10.000, diskon 10% untuk pembelian di hari Jumat dan bonus pembatas buku untuk 100 pemesan pertama.

Psst. Cek dulu sinopsisnya di bawah ini 🙂 :

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Learning about Sweden from Popular Culture*

For many years, Sweden has been frequently represented in popular media, especially in the US. Ranging from typical references such us Swedish blonde girls in American Horror Story: Hotel to the Swedish chef with a thick accent on The Muppets Movie, Sweden is often narrowly depicted as anything that other countries are not.

Media representation can be too stereotypical and misleading sometimes, but as an expat living in Sweden, I found that popular culture about Sweden helps me to understand the country and its culture better. But, I prefer the “local” ones, which contain more “insider perspectives” than Hollywood productions. These are my personal favourites:

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First Decade of Forever

Thursday (7/3) was me and Zaki’s 10th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe myself it’s been a decade.

Zaki and I met in 2006. We instantly connected and developed feeling for each other. It wasn’t long for us to decide that we want to be together, which is kinda weird because theoretically speaking, we’re two strong willed people who supposedly can’t get along well. Ha! We have irreconcilable differences that are quite contrast from each other. My easy going nature, for instance, will not match his Mr Planner personality.

But here we are. Together for almost 13 years. Married for 10 years (and counting!)

Anyway, I was bit uncertain about this year’s anniversary gift. I mean after several years, your idea of gift is likely to turn from romantic to functional 😀 . But, this is our first decade. I want something different. I want something personal. Something that will be saved in our memory bank for years. 

Then, there was a pop up ad on Facebook about LoveBookOnline.

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