Year End Note

The end of 2017 is almost here. Time surely flies before we even realize. The day when I left Indonesia for Sweden still feels like yesterday. But in fact, I’m going to witness my second new year in Sweden, in the next few hours. The 2017 itself is really something for me as this is the year of a new beginning and also a year of paradox because there were unfulfilled dreams at one side, and dreams come true moments at the other side. Just like you, and other people in this world, I had quite random stories in 2017. Not all the stories had happy endings. But there were more stories to be grateful for. And I thank God, the most gracious and most merciful, for that. Anyway, here is the recap for the year:


Trying to embrace the ways of living in Sweden. Adaptation was the key word during this month. We experienced the first snow in Lund. And Hayya started her new school.


Zaki bought me a new phone. Went to Lomma beach on winter. Made cilok 😁 Continue reading “Year End Note”


Zaki and I had a bedtime talk the other day, about me who had just changed my current crush from Alexander Skarsgård to Thomas Beaudoin. He found it’s bit strange because I change my crush like a girl changes her dress (yeah, just like that Katy Perry’s song 😆). Very quickly.

Unlike him who’s “committed” to Jennifer Aniston since F.R.I.E.N.D.S was still the biggest show on TV (I know. It’s so last year, right? Told Zaki already!). None of my crushes stayed for more than a month. I’m too easy to fall for someone indeed. I watch a movie for once and I can instantly crazy over one of the characters. It’s been like that since forever. I once obsessed with Jude Law, Matthew Goode, Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman, Josh Hutcherson, Miles Teller, Armie Hammer, Shah Rukh Khan, Chris Pratt, Alexander Skarsgård and the list went on. Currently, I’m smitten by a Canadian actor: Thomas Beaudoin which I first noticed from a cheesy romantic comedy on Netflix 😅. But I’m 100% sure it won’t last long. Give me few weeks and I will easily move to another crush. Haha. That’s just how it is. Easy come, easy go. Continue reading “Crush”

Seorang Penulis yang Bertanya pada Dirinya Sendiri

Seorang penulis suatu hari bertanya pada dirinya sendiri.

Apa jadinya jika dunia kehabisan kosakata?

Akankah diksi menjadi sunyi?

Tak ada lagi awalan atau akhiran?

Tak perlu lagi imbuhan?

Pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu tak kunjung ia temu jawabnya.

Tapi setengahnya ia tak lagi peduli.

Toh, kata sekarang makin kehilangan makna.

Tak lagi diperhatikan tanda bacanya.

Tak lagi dihiraukan ejaan dan aturan bakunya.

Seseorang bisa bilang ”kami” atau ”kita” tanpa peduli bedanya.

Barangkali penulis itu sedang mencari cerita dibalik bahasa


Ia hanya seorang penulis yang tengah lelah merajut aksara.


Lund, 15 Desember 2017

The Hungry Cat


Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi

A mouse ate a cheese.

The mouse went outside.

A cat was hungry.

The cat saw the mouse.

The mouse was scared

The mouse ran away.

The cat chased the mouse.

The cat bumped into a chair.

The mouse was gone.

The mouse was safe.

The cat was angry.

The cat was hungry.


The End


The First Anniversary (of Living in Sweden)

Today marks one year since me and my daughter moved to Sweden. Yes, we arrived exactly on this date a year ago. So, happy first anniversary! Haha. I know it’s not really something to celebrate but we’re glad we had quite a wonderful first year (and are excited for the following ones).

I can hardly believe that it has been a year. I mean, the day when we arrived at Lund Central station still feels like yesterday. But I also notice that lately, things begin to change. I’m no longer feel like a new kid on the block. I’m not getting anxious or thinking that people are looking at me anymore. I start to feel that I really belong here, even if I still don’t speak Swedish (and certainly don’t look like a Swede. Haha).

Looking back on the past 365 days, here are the things that we have “accomplished” so far: Continue reading “The First Anniversary (of Living in Sweden)”