5W+1H of My First Midsummer in Sweden


Me. An Indonesian who is still drowning in the novelty of life abroad in Sweden. Ha!


Midsummer. All I knew about midsummer, before I moved to Sweden, was a name of perfume series from Oriflame, the Swedish cosmetic brand. Haha. It used to be my favorite. I didn’t know that midsummer was one of the most important days in the Swedish Calendar. Turns out, midsummer is really a big deal in Sweden (and any other Nordic countries actually). According to Routes North, Midsummer tradition in Sweden is rooted in the pagan sun-worshipping cultures long before the Christian era. It was believed that the time of year around the summer solstice, when the darkness of night is replaced by a magical twilight, would have held special significance for people in northern climes. Now, in secular Sweden, midsummer is more a social event to be close to nature and spend quality time with family and friends.


Midsummer is originally celebrated in every June, 24. But, in 1952, when the Swedish Parliament decided that Midsummer should always be celebrated on a weekend, the observance of Midsummer now varies between June 20 and 26. This year, the Midsummer Eve is on Friday, 23rd of June, while the Midsummer Day is on Saturday, 24th of June. So the celebration is usually started from Friday afternoon till Saturday morning non stop since the day is so long (even in northern Sweden the sun isn’t really set in midsummer) and Swedes wants to make the most of it.

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